Why Is My Sink Gurgling?

You’re in the bathroom completing your daily routine, when you notice gurgling coming from your sink! Though this may be a source of worry, there are actually a few reasons why your bathroom or kitchen sink may be gurgling, as well as solutions. Here are a few reasons why your sink may be gurgling:


Clogged Drain

When your sink drain clogs, this can mean big trouble! Due to dirt, grime, soap scum, and other debris, you may find your sink drain is clogged and causing a gurgling sound to escape from it. This is because water will still drain from an obstructed pipe, but air will become trapped and lead to that gurgling sound.

Blocked Sewer Line

Your home sewer line is what leads waste outside of your home and toward a main municipal sewer line. Just like with any other pipe, your sewer line can suffer from blockages. This clog may occur due to tree roots, dirt, and even damage to the line. Multiple gurgling sinks in your home will point to a blockage in your sewer line.

Improper Drain Venting

One of the most common reasons why a sink may be gurgling is that it is not venting properly. A plumbing vent can allow air to pass through drains without disrupting the flow of water. When a sink is gurgling, this can indicate that the venting system is clogged.

Damaged Pipes

If your sink has been gurgling too much and causing you to worry, one culprit can be damaged pipes. A damaged pipe can interrupt the even flow of water and air through your plumbing, so it is important you get a plumbing professional on the job as soon as possible to replace any damaged pipes!

Improperly Installed Pipes

One reason many homeowners overlook when it comes to gurgling sinks, is that their pipes may have been incorrectly installed. An installation error may be the cause for your gurgling sink, so don’t delay and get your pipes checked out by a plumbing professional as soon as possible.

Let A Plumbing Professional Help With Your Gurgling Sink Issue!

Whenever our plumbing starts to make unsettling noises, it may leave us stressing about the future of our home’s fixtures and pipes! No need to fear, as it is always advised to get the help of a plumbing expert to find the cause of any plumbing issue. Gurgling sinks may lead to concern, but you will be left with peace of mind when you have a local plumber in your area check out your sink to find out the possible cause for this noise.

John’s Plumbing & Rooter Service in Victorville are the plumbing professionals you can depend on whenever a plumbing issue strikes! Find out more about our service offerings and dedicated team here. Don’t let a gurgling sink let you down! Get one of our plumbers on the job, and you will be left worry-free to get back to your own routine in no time.



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