7 Interesting Types of Glass

When building or restoring or just renovating your home, windows are very important to take into account. Depending on the area you are living in, it is important to have windows that are strong and can resist winds, hurricanes, or all types of weather, or having windows that can help keep the heat out and the cool in. All in all, the strength, safety, insulation, and heat resistance of the windows you chose is extremely important. I hope the following list will be able to help you find the kind of glass you are in need of for your home.


Here are 7 different types of glass that are quite interesting.



Borosilicate Glass


This kind of glass is made up of boron trioxide, alumina, silica, and soda. It is quite an interesting piece of glass because it resists all heat. It is commonly used in applications where the glass will be in contact with extreme high heats like in cookware and laboratory glassware.



Aluminosilicate Glass


This type of glass is made up of magnesia, alumina, boric and barium oxide, lime, and silica. This is used in fiberglass since it is a common fiber reinforced plastic that can resist water and water erosion. This type of glass would best be used for smaller boats and equipment used in the water on a regular basis like fishing rods, tent supports, and much, much more.



Germanium-oxide Glass


With many types of glass, it is easy to tell that it is there since you can kind of see it. With this specific kind of glass, germanium-oxide glass, it is extremely clear and almost impossible by the naked eye. It is like this because it is made up of germanium dioxide and alumina instead of silicon. This type of glass is best used in fiber optics since this glass has the ability to transmit light to extremely far distances without absorbing it like other kinds of glass.



Annealed Glass


This glass is cooled slowly during the manufacturing process to avoid stresses in the glass that are related to fast cooling. This glass is considered “regular” glass, but it is not appropriate to use this kind of glass in architecture since it can create large and very dangerous shards if it ever breaks.



Float Glass


This kind of glass is manufactured by taking molten glass and placing it upon molten metal, which creates very thick and flat surfaces. It is most commonly used in architecture and products that require high quality glass.



Blown Glass


This kind of glass is very unique and special because of the artistry and special skills it takes to create this kind of glass. This process to create blown glass products dates back thousands of years.



Vitreous Enamel


This kind of glass is a type of glass that starts off as a powder and then is turned into the products that it needs to become, which could be anything from sitting boards to cookware. In most cases, this type of glass is only used in cookware. If ever in need of help with installation or purchasing of glass for all of your glass needs, contact this Apple Valley glass company.




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