Top Breakfast Food in California

Breakfast, it’s the one meal many of us enjoy the most in our days. When it comes to breakfast, there are so many delicious plates that can fit under the scope of this one meal. Though it depends on the mood of the morning for you to pick the breakfast food that will satisfy your hunger, did you know there is one breakfast food that reigns supreme in the state of California? There are even breakfast foods that are favored by the entire country of the United States!


What are these breakfast foods, and can you guess them? Read on to find out the breakfast foods that steal the state (and the country’s) heart the most! You may even be surprised, or see one of your own favorite foods in this extensive list.


California’s Choice of Breakfast

California is a state with a diverse population and a diverse menu! This state has a variety of different cuisines and food options for all foodies, so what item could possibly be the top choice for many California residents when it comes to a hearty and fueling breakfast? You may be surprised! It was discovered that many residents of California choose to go for a delicious and satisfying breakfast burrito to start the morning. The burrito itself is a big part of California cuisine, so it makes sense that many residents choose a delicious breakfast burrito to kick their morning off.

Breakfast burritos can come in many options, with so many distinct filling options. Do you agree with this choice? Are you a breakfast burrito aficionado yourself? If so, what’s your favorite breakfast burrito?


Popular Breakfast Foods in America

Taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, there are a few popular breakfast foods in America that many turn to as a delicious start to their day. Some of these breakfast items include avocado toast, breakfast sandwiches, and french toast. Some surprising foods that the country serves up early in the morning include home fries, chicken and waffles, cereal, breakfast wraps, pancakes, and bacon. It’s safe to say many California citizens go for varied options, but breakfast items are a preferred choice for many people nonetheless! Is breakfast your favorite meal of the day? Did you spot one of your own favorite foods on this list?


Breakfast foods are loved by many, and it shows when looking at the extensive list of state’s favorite breakfast foods, and the favorite breakfast foods of the entire country! If you are looking for a coffee shop that offers delicious breakfast items in San Diego, California, then look no further. Come on down to Intazza Coffee Mug & Grub. We love breakfast and coffee here, so we’re always looking to serve customers with some of the best coffee in San Diego! Browse our extensive all-day breakfast menu for a variety of breakfast options to choose from. Enjoy your meal with a freshly brewed coffee, whether you enjoy hot or iced. We look forward to seeing you!



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