Five Questions to Ask Your Asphalt Contractor

If you want to get the most extended life out of your asphalt project, you need to hire the right contractor for the job. As with any project, you should do your research before starting a new paving project at your home or business. With a large selection of contractors available, how do you know who to hire?


When it comes to significant projects like asphalt paving, you need to hire someone dependable, experienced, and dedicated to quality and satisfaction. Let’s discuss some crucial questions to ask your asphalt contractor before you hire.


5 Questions to Ask Your Asphalt Contractor


Here are five essential questions to ask your paving contractor:


1.   How Long Have You Been in Asphalt Paving?


Experience is the key to quality in asphalt paving. That’s why you need to hire someone with years of experience in the asphalt industry. Ask potential candidates about their experience. Talk about their specific experience with the type of project you are planning. You should ask for a portfolio or examples of similar projects they’ve completed. If you don’t feel like the contractor has significant experience in the industry, you should move on to your next option.


2.   Do You Have Any References?


In addition to experience, you should ask for references. Most reliable asphalt contracts will be happy to provide a portfolio of successful jobs. If they don’t have direct references to offer, do some online research for reviews. A reliable contractor will have quality online reviews that show significant client satisfaction.


3.   What Type of Projects Do You Handle and What Service Area Do You Cover?


It’s always better to ask a contractor about the type of projects they handle and where they work. Many contractors focus on particular areas of expertise or limited regions when it comes to construction. This is because it’s challenging to manage multiple projects when there’s a significant distance between job sites.


Although many contractors do cover a larger service area, they might charge extra for travel. Knowing where they serve, and the type of projects they handle is also essential because asphalt paving contractors should be familiar with the local weather and climate. Since the environment impacts the quality of work and determines the most suitable material for the project, you should ask about their specific experience with the type of project you are planning.


4.   Are You Fully Licensed and Insured?


It is also essential to ask your contractor for proof of their license and insurance. Most states require asphalt contractors to have specific permits to perform the work. You also want to ensure that your contractor has the appropriate insurance to cover your property if any damage occurs. Any reliable contractor will be happy to show proof of both and put your mind at ease.


5.   What Is Your Work Process? How Long Can I Expect the Project to Take?


You should have a detailed discussion with your contractor on what to expect during the paving process. Understanding their work process can help you plan. If you have a specific project deadline, this type of discussion is critical. Do your best to communicate your expectations. This will ensure you get the best results for your project.

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