7 Protective Types of Glass to Use For Windows

When building or restoring or just renovating your home, windows are very important to take into account. Depending on the area you are living in, it is important to have windows that are strong and can resist winds, hurricanes, or all types of weather, or having windows that can help keep the heat out and the cool in. All in all, the strength, safety, insulation, and heat resistance of the windows you chose is extremely important. I hope the following list will be able to help you find the kind of glass you are in need of for your home.

Here are 7 types of protective glass to use for windows.

Silicate Glass

Silicate glass is one of the most common types of glass created. It gets its name since the primary ingredient is silicon dioxide. It is also the reason that it is said that glass is made of sand. Most sand is made up of or contains silicon dioxide, which is also seen in the more common types of glass. And in some extreme, special cases, glass can occur naturally due to either extreme superheat like lightning strikes or meteorite impacts.

Soda-Lime Glass

Much like silicate glass, this is another type of glass that is extremely common because of the ingredients used to create it. Along with using silicon dioxide, it also uses substances like sodium oxide, lime, magnesia, alumina, and sodium carbonate. The combination of all of these ingredients creates soda-lime glass.

Glazing Glass

Glazing glass is another, more fun phrase to use when describing a window or wall of glass. In its most basic form, this kind of glass is a single pane of soda-lime glass. It is commonly seen throughout buildings of all types.

Window Glass

Window glass is referring to all the different glasses that are used in buildings, transportation (both public and private), and infrastructure. Usually, regular window glass is made up of soda-lime glass, but some forms of transportation and buildings have to have specific types of glass that are extremely protective.

Double Glazed Glass

This kind of glass is where there are two different panes of glass with a layer of air or gas between the two. This helps with the thermal insulation of the product. In most cases, these windows are also glazed 3 or 4 times over. They are most commonly seen in plane windows.

Architectural Glass

This glass is when thick, large glass blocks or panes that have special properties like increased strength and safety are used for architectural purposes. They are seen in walkways or other major architectural purposes.

Safety Glass

This kind of glass is designed to not break or create a less dangerous result when broken. This kind of glass includes toughened glass, laminated glass, and chemically strengthened glass, all of which can be seen in places like glasses that are worn on the face.

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