Tips for Identifying a Rodent Infestation

Every homeowner needs to know about the most common signs of a rodent infestation in their homes. Rodents are sneaky, so they can easily fit through the tiniest spaces if they want to get into your home. In most cases, rodents are simply looking for food or shelter. While you might overlook rodent entry points, there can be clear evidence of rodent activity once they make a home inside your property.


Let’s discuss some tips to identify a rodent infestation.


Tips to Identify Rodent Infestations


The following are some tips to identify a rodent infestation:


1.   Check for Unusual Marks on Your Property


If you notice any dark rub marks on the bottoms of the walls of your house, this can indicate that a mouse has been traveling through your house. Gnaw marks on food containers, boxes, and other household items are also a clear indication that rodents have invaded your home and looking for access to your food. This is because rodents can carry dangerous diseases and bacteria that can contaminate your food and negatively impact your health. If you notice any of these signs of a rodent infestation, you need to contact a pest control specialist immediately for help.


2.   Watch for Rodents Droppings


Rodent droppings are rod-shaped dropping that measure between ⅛-¼ inches long. While you can easily overlook these droppings, you can clearly identify them as rodent droppings if you do notice them. These droppings are moist when fresh, which signifies that rodents have been recently active at your home. Dry droppings are typically old, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your rodent infestation has been resolved.


3.   Check for Foul Smells


A foul odor coming from hidden places in your home can be another indication of a rodent infestation. Keep yourself alert to these types of smells because they can be coming from rodent urine and feces. Surprisingly, your pets may detect these odors before you. Therefore, if you start to notice your pets behaving strangely and heavily sniffing in certain areas of your home, you should check for signs of a rodent infestation.


4.   Listen for Unusual Noises


If you’re hearing unusual scratching or scuffling noises in your walls or ceiling, then this is a sign that rodents have made their way inside your home. As rodents scurry throughout your home, you can quickly notice the sound of their feet running along with your ceiling.


5.   Spot a Rodent Nest


Finding a rodent nest in your house is an evident sign of rodent infestation. Rodent families usually build a nest for sleeping and food storage. You can notice nests made of cardboard, packing materials, plastic, fabric, or whatever other materials the rodents could find, which could eventually help them make a nest. There is no more evident sign of a rodent infestation than finding a rodent nest inside your house.


If you successfully identify a rodent infestation in your home, you need to act quickly to avoid further damage. Call your local pest control company to create an effective treatment plan.  Find a company who is there to help if you need a reliable Chino Hills pest control service.


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