4 Common Causes of Cold Water

Have you ever jumped into the shower only to find it cold? Having an easily accessible hot water supply is one of the most overlooked modern conveniences. No one wants to be stuck without hot water. Losing your hot water supply isn’t just inconvenient. It can also disrupt your daily routine.


In this article, we’ll discuss the most common causes of cold water so you’ll know when to call a plumber for service. Let’s dive in!


Most Common Causes of Cold Water


Here are four of the most common reasons your water supply isn’t heating up:


1.   Leaking Water Heater


If your water isn’t heating up, there might be a problem with your water heater. Water heater leaks can significantly impact your hot water supply. Leaks that occur at the top of your tank are typically easy to repair. They can be quickly fixed by tightening the pipes or joints at the top of your tank. However, leaks at the bottom of your tank can indicate a more severe problem. If your house is suddenly without hot water, check for leaks around your water tank. Contact your local plumber immediately before your issue progresses and causes significant water damage to your property.


2.   Tank Capacity


If the water tank in your home has limited capacity, then no matter how hard your heater works to fill the tank, you won’t have an adequate hot water supply. Water heaters only fill according to their capacity. Once the limited water supply is used, you will temporarily lose your hot water while the tank works to heat a new supply. On average, most tanks take about half an hour to heat your water adequately. Older tanks are the most common cause of this issue because their tank capacity is limited.


If your family is growing, you may need a larger water heater tank to accommodate your water usage. Otherwise, you can waste a significant amount of time waiting for your water supply to reheat. Talk to your plumber to discuss your needs and decide if a tank replacement is a suitable option for your family.


3.   Hard Water


For some homes, hard water is a problem. The minerals that build up in your hard water supply can significantly impact your plumbing system, damaging your taps, faucets, and appliances. As minerals are distributed throughout your system, you can experience issues with your hot water supply.  As minerals accumulate and clog your water heater, you might notice a limited to non-existent hot water supply. Installing a water softener can help eliminate hot water issues.


4.   Thermostat Issues


Water heaters have internal thermostats that help regulate the temperature of your water throughout your home. Fault thermostats can negatively impact your hot water supply. Additionally, having your internal thermostat set too low can result in a limited hot water supply. If you have issues with your hot water supply, the solution may be as simple as adjusting the internal thermometer of your water heater. Talk to your plumber for an effective solution.


5.   Problems with Your Gas Supply


If there are any leaks or blockages in your gas supply, it may interrupt your hot water supply. When gas valves shut down, water heaters that operate by natural gas simply won’t work. Since gas water heaters can be dangerous, make sure to contact a professional if you think this is the source of your problem.


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